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A fire is one of the most important things within a camp. At home we are used to just turning on the oven to cook the food, turning up the central heating to keep warm. At camp your ability to light and keep a fire can be the difference between a good and a failed camp.

A fire can cook all your food. It can dry clothes and provide comfort. Its smoke can keep insects at bay. It can be used to heat metal to make tools, to sharpen sticks and to bake pots. It can be the focus of campfire songs and skits.

Make good use of the fire, it can do many things. It is essential that you practice these techniques before you come to rely upon them. I can talk to you about firelighting until I am blue in the face, but until you try (and fail!) it for yourself you will learn little. Read this and make sure you practice it before you go to camp.

Care must be take with all aspects of fires. Safety is paramount.



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